About MCR Textiles

Despite the advent of modern outfits, Indian people have always relished dressing up in traditional attire during festivals and other important occasions that are an integral part of the rich cultural diversity of India. MCR textile’s trendy yet traditional approach answers to the needs of a million hearts across two of the most culturally significant states in South India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

MCR is a well recognised, marketing leading brand that since its inception, has continued to cater to various fashion conscious groups of people from traditional to classic to contemporary. Whatever your style, we are there to add a richer and a finer dimension to your fashion statement.

Our state of the art weaving practices and innovative designs have captured the imagination of our valued clients. Our innovativeness, quality and range are only matched by our versatility. Other than our wrinkle-free, colourful and comfortable dhoti range, we also deal in a variety of Kerala-style sarees and lungis in MCR brand.

Welcome to MCR, where the trendy & traditional, classic & contemporary add a whole new dimension to your style statement !

With its grand cultural heritage yet highly prolific thinking, India has always been a melting pot of both old & new, tradition & technology and values & virtues. At MCR, we understand this well and appeal to the fashion sense of people from all walks of life by giving them a great range of high quality collections to choose from.

Our Management

MCR traces its origins back to the early nineties when two brothers set out with grand vision of building a successful enterprise. Despite its humble beginnings in 1997, the combined experience and industry knowledge of our founders M.C. Robin and M.C. Rixon, has led to the realisation of this immense success.





Managing Director


Quality refers to the excellence of the product. At MCR, we make sure that quality control is enforced synthetically and regularly at every stage of the production life-cycle from the testing and purchase of raw materials through to dyeing, weaving, finish, printing, packaging, to after sales service. In all our undertakings quality remains our top priority.

We have a separate quality control department consisting of several qualified people that are dedicated to performing the necessary checks are each level. Our prompt and earnest efforts to always deliver the highest quality products ensure that our customers only get the best from us. Our contacts in the industry are built over generations and our suppliers and vendors are part of our extended family and follow the same levels of stringent testing as we do.

Being committed to strict Quality Management measures in every single activity proves how passionate we are in upholding our brand values and brand image that we have worked so hard to build. Quality is not merely an option we provide to the customer. Rather, it is a way of life and it pervades our every action.

We have also taken great care to address safety in the work place from any and every occupational hazard. As a result of effective management of the above we have gained the ISO and OHSAS Certifications. We are also the first Dhoti company in India to be certified ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 18001:2007 for quality management, environment management and occupational hazard safety system management respectively.

MCR Textiles Pvt Ltd.