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Journey of Rixo, Roshini - Footsteps

Rixo, Roshini traces its origins back to the early nineties when two brothers set out with grand vision of building a successful enterprise. Despite its humble beginnings in 1995, the combined experience and industry knowledge of our founders M.C. Robin and M.C. Rixon, has led to the realisation of this immense success. They are living examples of how passion can be turned into a sustainable business ideas. All the big success stories always have a strong driving force behind them. For Rixo, Roshini it was continuous innovation. It started with the wrinkle-free white dhotis and linen shirts which truly established Rixo, Roshini as a household name. The true genius was the simplicity and ease with which cherished tradition was combined with contemporary style and fashion. This sort of ingenuity and innovation provided the key inroads into a heavily competitive market. Rixo, Roshini went on to become the first Dhoti Company in India to be Certified ISO 001: 2008, 14001: 2004, 18001: 2007 for Quality Management, Environmental Management and Occupational Hazard Safety System Management.

Initial success did not quell the flame of passion and innovation. In fact, it fuelled it further and Rixo, Roshini went on to diversify into several ground-breaking range of products such as women’s fancy sarees, salwars, kurthi, leggings and kids wear. To leverage this rapid growth, Rixo, Roshini launched other specialist ranges that remain our niche collections to this day. These include the Onam festival collections, Kerala traditional sarees and the Vivaha or wedding collection. Other regional wear such as set mundu and apparel for Vishu festival also form an integral part of this collection. These products give us the competitive edge by enabling us to cater to specific demographics such as Keralite women, women about to get married or the local men. This lets us freely exercise our creativity which would be limited in case of standard or generic products.


Our focus has always been to deliver trendy and quality apparel to our customers. Our untiring dedication to satisfying our customer’s needs has helped us build a broad and loyal customer base. We give great importance to our marketing as means to communicate effectively with our customers. This allows us to gauge customer response and modify our product strategies accordingly. Our communication tactics are novel and creative and meant to attract customers by the use of popular and relevant trends such as names of local or regional movie stars. This way our own reputation will be linked directly to that of the star and build a positive image.

Thanks to the joint effort of the management and our staff, we have achieved a permanent place in the heart of our employees while positively impacting their lives and lifestyle.

Rixo Management

The vision and the passion that indefatigably propels the Rixo, Roshini enterprise ever forward is that of the founders of the company. Two brothers, MC Robin and MC Rixon, set out in 1995 with a big dream and have even since been working tirelessly towards materialising it. Their aim was to create traditional and classic elegance in conventional every day wear and since then have set about achieving it. This was first achieved through the trademark white and cream dhotis that were very well received in the market. Their humble beginnings did not deter them as they had several years of combined experience and an excellent understanding of the industry.

Thanks to their inspiring and dynamic leadership and a host of successes under their belt, Rixo, Roshini has achieved the status of an industry leader. Their three pillars of growth, innovation and success have helped serve as a strong foundations and support for the building of the Rixo, Roshini brand name and appeal.

Our team of experts are also specialists that come with several years of professional experience behind them. Together they have developed a knack for further increasing product depth, improving operational efficiency and attracting new clientele and widening our market share. We have streamlined our organisation in order to achieve quicker turnarounds. Also the long-term vision of our founders ensured that we went from being a walk-in outlet to a retail giant. We have also implemented a proactive channel by taking the product to the customer’s home via our online shopping interface.

Within our management we constantly encourage transparent communication and positive reaffirmation. Our belief is that high quality work can be generated only when there is a friendly and cooperative environment. Our higher, middle and lower management maintain harmonious relationships and constantly reiterate the company vision and brand values to all our employees, so that the whole team works towards the same goal. We always look for skilled and talented recruits for all levels of management in order to further deepen and widen our repertoire.


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